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Top 10 things to know about the Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a lovable, loyal, and low-maintenance dog breed that is perfect for all kinds of families. This adorable hound’s long body and short legs make them easy to recognize. They are an affectionate, gentle, and good-natured breed that loves spending time with their owners. Their big ears and droopy eyes will melt your heart! Basset Hounds are also highly intelligent and usually have a very calm temperament making them great family pets.

Here are some popular questions about the Basset Hound you might be interested to know

1) Are Basset Hounds lazy?

Are Basset Hounds Lazy?

Basset Hounds are a beloved breed of dog, known for their silly personalities and floppy ears. But is it true that these hounds are also lazy? It appears that there is some truth to this reputation. Although these dogs were originally bred to work and hunt, they have been known to take it easy when given the chance.

The Basset Hound’s tendency towards laziness is rooted in its strong connection to food and comfort. They prefer cuddling up with their owners instead of running around outside, and they will happily settle into a comfortable spot almost anywhere if given the opportunity. Furthermore, this breed is known to be food-motivated — meaning they may lack the energy needed for exercise unless there’s a reward involved!

2) Are Basset Hound’s good dogs? 

Yes, Basset Hounds are good dogs. They are loyal, friendly, and make great family pets. They are also known for their gentle and laid-back personalities. Bassets require regular exercise, but can adapt to a variety of living situations. They are also known for being easy to train and typically get along well with other animals.

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3) Are Basset Hounds smart?

Yes, Basset Hounds are known for being quite intelligent. They are quick learners and can be trained to do a variety of tricks and commands. Plus, they have a great memory and can remember commands even after long periods of time. They may not be the smartest breed out there, but they are certainly smart enough to make great family pets.

4) Are Basset Hounds easy to train?

Yes, Basset Hounds are relatively easy to train. They are intelligent and eager to please their owners, so they can learn commands quickly. Additionally, they respond well to positive reinforcement and consistent training. With patience and consistency, you will be able to train your basset hound in no time!

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5) Are Basset Hounds hunting dogs?

No, Basset Hounds are not hunting dogs. They are a scent hound breed and were bred to track small game like rabbits, but they lack the speed and stamina needed for hunting. They also have a tendency to be easily distracted by smells and sounds, which makes them poor hunters.

6) Are Basset Hound puppies hyper?

Basset hound puppies tend to be relatively calm and laid back compared to other breeds. They do have bursts of energy and can be quite playful, but overall they are not overly hyper. They are also known for having a stubborn streak, so proper training is important.

7) Are Basset Hounds good family dogs?

Yes, Basset Hounds are great family dogs. They are loyal, gentle and affectionate, making them a great companion for children and adults alike. They also have a low energy level, so they don’t require as much exercise as some other breeds. Bassets do need lots of love and attention though – they thrive when given regular walks and playtime with their owners.


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8) Can Basset Hounds swim?

Yes, Basset Hounds can swim! They are strong swimmers and enjoy taking a dip in the water. However, they don’t have a particularly high endurance level so it’s important to keep an eye on them while they’re swimming and make sure they don’t get too exhausted.

9) Can Basset Hounds be left alone? 

Yes, Basset Hounds can be left alone for short periods of time. However, they should not be left alone for more than 4-6 hours at a time as they are social animals and may become destructive if bored. It is also important to provide them with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation when you are home in order to keep them healthy and happy. 

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10) Can Basset Hounds climb stairs?

Yes, Basset Hounds can climb stairs. They may not be the fastest climbers, but they are capable of navigating stairs. It’s best to start training your basset hound at a young age and gradually increase the number of stairs you have them climb. This will help them become more comfortable with climbing and make it easier for them to do in the future.


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