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Proudly brought to you by BEASTIE COLLECTION the one stop shop for Dog Lovers with a bit of a vintage twist. From mugs to rugs we have just the gift for you Show off your love of your dog. See our ETSY store for our full range HERE and get a taste of our lovely products below

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A Sample of Our Range Of Bernese Dog Lover Products

Bernese Mountain Dog Desk Mat

Cute minimalist desk mats with your cute Bernese Mountain Dog wearing glasses

Bernese Mountain Dog Custom Blanket

Personalize a blanket with your dogs photo and name for lasting memories

Custom Dog Portrait Bowl

Personalize your dogs bowl with their top photos and their name .

Bernese Mountain Dog Mom Necklace

Stunning necklace designed for the Bernese Mountain dog mom

Bernese Mountain Dog Custom Vintage Mug

Personalized with a cute vintage style Bernese Mountain dog on the mug

Bernese Mountain Dog Phone Case

Designed for the Bernese Mountain Dog lover. Both Apple, Samsung and Google phones

Life is Better With a Dog Tote Bag

Be a loud and proud Dog Mom

Bernese Mountain Dog Christmas Greeting Card

Send Christmas Greetings from the Bernese Mountain Dog lover

Bernese Mountain Dog Christmas Ornament

Bernese Mountain Dog Christmas Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

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““My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” – Elayne Boosler.”

Beastie Collection Logo

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